Comunidad de Madrid

Judy Sharp International School is an authorized school by the Comunidad de Madrid since January 2018, with the school code 28078493.

JSS students can access Spanish universities and colleges by validating our High School diploma with the Spanish Ministry of Education (for more information about the process of validation and access to Spanish universities, please click here).

Accreditation International

JSS has been approved by Accreditation International as a fully recognized accredited member in good standing with all the privileges and responsibilities of membership. Accreditation International (Ai) assures the educational quality of the schools they accredit and plans for their continuous improvement to increase student learning. Ai standards are based on international research, best practices, and historical accreditation processes.

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Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

JSS is an accredited member of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Middle States accreditation is an expression of confidence in an institution's mission and goals, its performance, and its resources. An institution is accredited when the educational community has verified that its goals are achieved through self-regulation and peer review.

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